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<ササキツトム 「Inside and Outside」ギャラリーαM個展カタログ,武蔵野美術大学出版編集室,2002年>


Inside and Outside    ササキツトム




Inside and Outside    Tsutomu Sasaki


The strange scenery seen through the window. When I am sit—ting in a small room called reality, the outer scenery which Isee from there sympathizes with the inside of my body and sends my eyes inward and to the very bottom of myself. Reality and interior scenery; both coexist in the windowpane. However, this is a forced coexistence full of contradiction and discrepancy.As the glass surface becomes more transparent, the focus increasingly wanders about the strange scenery. On the contrary, as the glass emits a more substantial glitter, my eyes are taken back to reality. The closer the focus comes. to the boundary of the two, the more the contradiction is exposed and the higher the tension becomes. As the focus wanders about more minutely, energy is increasingly condensed. What on earth is this energy? It is indeed an inconsistent story, but it is just the reason why the two become more and more actualized and space becomes deeper and deeper.

Inside and outside or illusion and reality; lying between them and holding a two-way nature like a glass panel is the unborn picture that will appear someday as a space which has so great a strain as pitiful.

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