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<Garden of Fragments and Relationships, Place of Fragments and Relationships>


 I have titled my work since 2017 "Garden of Fragments and Relationships" or "Place of Fragments and Relationships". It means an ambivalent and in-between area where new events and memories intersect. This realm, coupled with the ambivalent nature of people, such as self and other, inside and outside, appears everywhere in daily life. While sometimes painful, these areas still seem to encourage us to live and paint.

 In painting, these areas are the issues and scenes that I constantly confront in my work, such as the relationship between the inside and outside of the picture plane, the medium and the image, the whole and the parts, and the relationship between my body and the materials and tools. Most of my paintings are abstract and improvisational, but even so, I never create a work out of nothing. This is because there are many times when fragments of memories of past productions or casual daily life become the preceding images. These images, along with the various feelings and sensations associated with the memories, are themselves layered onto the painting as a single fragment.


 New events are layered in us day by day, transforming themselves into new memories. Each experience becomes a memory, a fragment, constantly renewing our internal and external relationships. When the paints, canvases, resins, mediums, paper fragments, and other materials used in my paintings and collages are layered in transparent, translucent, and opaque ways, the relationship between myself and the world around me is transformed each time, along with my experiences and memories. Because of the uncertainty of this relationship, it leads to the liberation of the fixed and limited gaze of perspective and overhead structures. 


 For me, painting is a vessel of transformation that brings about new experiences, an intuitive realm that mediates between inside and outside.

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