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<The Place in Between>


 The reason why we feel that there is depth and space beyond the surface of a painting is because the viewer unconsciously makes the screen transparent. However, if there is no opaque surface itself, such as a canvas or paints, which can be touched, there is no transparency or depth to the surface. I have been interested in the painting surface where transparency and opacity coexist. It is one and yet has two opposing qualities, one of which would not be possible without the other.


 The act of painting is an active activity of reproducing an image, but the image is connected to past events and memories.  On the contrary, in the immediate and fluid relationship between the body, paint, and canvas, which has no such intention, the reality of the present is always running alongside.


 Painting for me is somewhere in between the various ambiguities that arise in the process of creation: painting without the object to be painted, wiping away the image while imaging, and being present while being in the past.

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