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<Garden of Medium>


  The title “Garden of Medium” is given to the works after 2017. This title has to do with everyday memories, fragments of them, and production of my works.

  Overlaying colors in painting production is like accumulating memories. New events become the past in the moment, and they will become fragmented, abstracted and fluidized over time. For me, this is an image of memory. If self-proof is based on memory, then a new event is an encounter with a foreign object outside of me before. Expanding memory by contact with the outside, I think, the continuation of that is our business.“Now” is the future and the past. Or it is an “intermediate” point that is neither, and a medium that connects the past and the future.The picture is covered with a pigment wrapped in a transparent medium. Depth is perceived through a transparent surface that does not actually exist. The front of the painting is always at this halfway point. The image of each layer is transmitted to the front by light and is further fragmented and abstracted in the process, and creating distance through a transparent surface that does not exist. I am interested in this structure of painting.


  Everyday events, shapes of everyday places, routines,  such memories can affect production or become a motif directly. The garden is an everyday place for me and an important place. I feel like this garden is an abstract symbol of memory. The pieces of the image in the memory are connected, disassembled, and composed. This uninterrupted layering process is my painting . Also, my paintings, drawings, collages and objects have an influence on each other. Each is a mutual process, showing various intermediates points in a pluralistic manner. In other words, for me, “intermediate” is the medium between the past and the future, between layers, the distance of depth, the process, the medium wrapping the pigment, and the painting itself as a medium. That is the origin of the title “Garden of Medium”.

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